Are you guilty of still using makeup wipes? If so, read this blog to find out alternative ways you can remove your makeup without harming the environment.


Why you shouldn’t use a makeup wipe:

  • Not environmentally friendly

9.3 million wipes are flushed down the toilet every day! Most makeup wipes are made from ​​polyester, cotton, wood pulp or rayon fibres meaning they will take years to breakdown, causing them to contribute to filling up landfills. 

  • Ineffective

Don’t let makeup wipes deceive you! Even though it may look like makeup wipes are removing all your makeup, all the makeup wipe is doing is moving the makeup around your face. The best way you can remove your makeup is by using a facial cleanser. Otherwise, oil, dirt and bacteria will be left on your face. This can also lead to clogging your pores which can cause breakouts. 

  • Can irritate your skin

Prolonged use of makeup wipes can cause dehydration in the skin as they strip the skin from its natural oils. Face wipes are also full of preservatives and chemicals which are bad for your skin. These harsh chemicals stick around on the skin after you’ve used the makeup wipe, irritating the skin. 

  • Can cause premature ageing

We all want to look younger not older, but by using makeup wipes you are actually speeding up the ageing process. When the skin becomes irritated from the chemicals in the wipe, it can leave the skin with more lines, wrinkles and dullness. 

If this isn’t enough info to convince you to ditch the makeup wipes, here’s a list of alternatives we think you’ll love:


FaceHalo makeup wipes

These are a great alternative to traditional make up wipes. You don’t need to worry about any harmful preservatives or chemicals as the cotton pad just uses water to remove your makeup. Since these cotton pads can be reused over again up to 200 times, you won’t feel guilty about having a negative effect on the environment. 

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a popular way to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. It’s great for removing waterproof mascara and eye makeup too, leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated without the worry of it being dried out. 

Oil Cleanser

Many people believe that putting an oil cleanser onto your skin, will cause you to have oily skin. However, this is not the case and oil cleanser can be a great way to remove makeup. It can also add hydration back into skin that needs it!

Cream cleanser

Got dry skin? This could be the ideal option for you! A cream cleanser helps to prevent that tight feeling in your skin that other cleansers give you leaving you skin free of chemicals and smoother.

Soap and water

Don’t want to spend money on expensive skin care alternatives. Then why not just use soap and water to clean your face? Just make sure you aren’t rubbing your face too hard as this could lead to your skin being irritated.

make up wipes alternative

If you do have to use a makeup wipe, just be sure to wash your face after with water to remove those nasty chemicals from your face to avoid the chance of breakouts. 

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