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Cellulite is something women have been struggling with ever since magazines began publishing edited photos of women showing off their smooth, wrinkle-free buttocks and thighs.

Since then women have tried all sorts of home remedies in an attempt to scrub off the cellulite however the majority of these treatments do not work; some may reduce the appearance temporarily but they are definitely not a long-term solution.

To remove cellulite effectively, it’s important to understand what is and how it builds up.

Understanding cellulite

Cellulite affects around 85% of all women that are above the age of 20. It affects all types of women, you’re genes can determine how much of it you have. Women that are heavier tend to have more than those that are slim.


So what is cellulite?

We have a layer of connective tissue beneath the skin’s surface layer called septae. An inactive lifestyle causes septae to become loose and pockets of fat begin to collect in the gaps. As a result, the skin develops ripples and appears wrinkled. This collection of fat between septae is what is referred to as cellulite.

Men do not have cellulite because they have thicker skin and their septae is tighter.


Scrubbing cellulite with organic coffee is one of the most popular home remedies. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants that can lessen the appearance but since the pockets of fat lie under the layer of skin no topical treatment will actually remove the cellulite; topical solutions will just reduce the appearance.

In order to remove cellulite effectively, the gathered fat will need to be broken down.


3D Lipo for cellulite

For too long there was no professional way to treat cellulite – and then came 3D Lipo. Cavitation 3D Lipo was made to target small portions of collected fat in the body. Ultrasound waves are used to breakdown the buildup of fat – removing cellulite permanently! Once the treatment is over, you too can get the smooth, wrinkle-free skin that’s shown in magazines.

We provide cavitation 3D Lipo services along with other 3D Lipo treatments such as fat-freezing and radio-frequency in our Shepherd’s Bush branch.

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