Hair removal is a big inconvenience. Whether it’s waxing or shaving, you spend a good amount of time and money removing unwanted hair from your body – don’t even get us started on the pain you have to endure.

Laser-hair removal is a much more practical solution to hair removal. With a few laser-hair removal sessions, you can forget about waxing and shaving for life.

It’s cost-effective, it’s efficient and pain-free!

If you’re considering laser-hair removal treatment, here are 10 things you need to know:

1. Don’t dump your razors

Yes, you won’t require razors after your sessions are over but until then you will be required to shave. When you’re undergoing treatment, you aren’t allowed to wax, use an epilator or tweezers. You can’t use any treatments that involve plucking hairs from their follicles. You’ll have to shave or use chemical depilatory.

2. It requires several sessions

We would love for the treatment to be just a session long but since hair grows in cycles, you will require several sessions to destroy the follicles completely. The number of sessions will depend on how big the area is and the colour of your skin.

3. Say no to tanning

Tanning during laser treatment is a major no-no. You can’t go through laser treatment if you’ve been exposed to UV rays. Laser treatment cannot begin if you’ve been using tanning beds or tanning in natural sun within 4 weeks of a session.

4. Stay away from skin care products

You should stop using any types of skin care products a few days prior to the session as it can lead to discoloration. Keep your skin fresh and clean.

5. Ask your doctor

If you are on any sort of topical or oral medication, you should consult with your doctor about laser hair removal treatment and whether your medication will be affected in anyway.

6. It’s quick

Yes, a few sessions are going to be required but each will be short and quick. Depending on the area of the body and the colour of your skin, you will only be exposed to the laser for a few minutes to an hour maximum. You can sneak in a session during your lunch break at work!

7. Instant results

The hair won’t disappear in the first go but the laser will reduce hair growth instantly. With each session, more hair follicles will be destroyed.

8. It’s doesn’t hurt

People worry that laser hair-removal may hurt. Words such as ‘laser’ and ‘burning’ are scary but when it comes to hair-removal – laser treatment is pain-free. There is a faint ‘rubber-band on skin’ sensation but it is nothing as painful as waxing.

9. You must stick to the schedule

Because of the way hair grows, you need to stick to the schedule to ensure that follicles are being destroyed at a regular pace. Don’t expect the treatment to be effective if you miss your appointments.

10. Do your research

Laser hair-removal treatment involves the use of a laser being targeted at your skin. Be sure you trust the hands that are running the laser! Do your research and find a certified clinic.

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