When it comes to our skin, we all want nothing but the best. That’s why you need to start taking care now before it gets too late.

1) Ignoring Your Sun Screen is NOT an Option!

There are no two opinions. The sun can be a death ray to your precious skin. Wearing high SPF is essential to prevent serious sun damage.

Did you know? According to Daily Mail nearly 80% of aging issues—like wrinkles and crow’s feet–happen because of direct exposure to the sun for long periods of time.


2) Work Out

We know we know! This is a hard one. However, there’s nothing like a good cardio session to keep that skin as smooth and supple as a baby’s bottom! Exercise promotes blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin. This results in fresher more youthful look.

Find those motivational songs and quotes and march on over to the gym!

3)  Use Anti-oxidants

Topical products that contain Vitamin C, E and A are beneficial for your skin. Brightly coloured foods like blue-berries and pomegranates should be eaten as often as you can manage. These healthy foods fight wrinkles and fine lines. Cocoa is another main choice for good skin.

4) Regular Skin Routine

We cannot stress this one enough—a regular skin care routine will work wonders for your skin. Those Koreans aren’t famous for their beautiful ‘glass skin’ for nothing!  Yes, that means no skipping on the toner, ladies! Keep in mind though; different skin types have different ideal routines. So do what’s best for your skin.

5) Remove Makeup

We’ve all been guilty of being too lazy to head over to the dresser to wipe off our makeup.  No matter how tired you are, form an iron-solid habit of cleaning all traces of makeup from your face. One tip is to keep a packet of cleansing wipes on your bed side cabinet. That way you won’t be tempted to just leave that gunk on for the entire night!

With healthy habits and lifestyle, there’s no reason your face wouldn’t glow. We make our client’s skin a priority. Our microdermabrasion treatment gently removes epidermal dead skin cells, leaving your skin renewed.

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