The recent lockdowns have sent many of us into a bit of a skincare frenzy. As many skin clinics temporarily shut their doors, we had to become skincare experts from home. This lead to many of us trying out different methods at home to tighten, tone and clear our skin. Skincare devices are everywhere in the skincare market- just head to your local beauty store to see for yourself… but are they any good? In this Blog Post, we are going to be revealing which (if any) are worth a try!


What are Home Skincare Devices?

Quite simply, home skincare devices are often electrical tools that can be used in the comfort of your own home. The most common skin concerns that people use them to treat include acne, scarring, pigmentation and fine lines & wrinkles. They often vary wildly in price, from the cheapest starting at around £10, with the most expensive totalling in excess of £500. Home skincare devices often seem an easy choice for people who are busy and can’t find the time to travel to appointments, or are on a budget and want a low-cost option of treating their skin concerns.

Next, we will identify some of the most common skincare devices on the market, and give you some alternative treatment recommendations.

LED Light Mask


Skin Concern: Acne, Redness, Rosacea

Price Range: £30 – £400

LED light masks may look scary, but they promise to dramatically reduce acne causing bacteria and inflammation within the skin. LED lighting has long been used in dermatology practice to treat skin concerns such as acne and rosacea. Naturally, the LED technology within these home devices won’t be as strong and targeted as what you would experience in a dermatology clinic, however the home device may be a good option to try first. One thing to also note, is that it will take a while to see results, so therefore this may not be the best idea for you if you want a treatment with instant visual improvements.

Professional Treatment Alternatives: Chemical Peels, Thermavein

Unlike the LED masks, our treatments such as chemical peels and thermavein provide instant improvements to the skin. Whilst you may need a few repeat sessions in order to achieve the desired results, your skin condition will be noticeably reduced after each session.

We use the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel at our skin clinics to target concerns such as acne and pigmentation. It works through using a blend of acids (salicylic, lactic and glycolic) to exfoliate and generate new skin to be revealed, which is clearer and acne-free.

Thermavein on the other hand is a quick and painless method of removing spider veins, which are often found within Rosacea flare ups. The thermavein device sends a targeted wave of energy into the spider vein, which causes its walls to collapse and be instantly diminished.



Skin Concern: Acne, Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Price Range: £10 – £250

A dermaroller is a small, handheld tool which contains multiple fine needles. It is used in a “rolling” motion across the skin, to rejuvenate and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin to tighten and clear up the skin. These fine needles cause tiny punctures within the skin, which trigger a repair response and cause new skin to form.

Professional Treatment Alternative: Microneedling

As dermarollers are the home version of a microneedling treatment, we strongly recommend that you have an in-clinic microneedling treatment instead. Whilst some people have had great results with dermarolling, there are far too many risks which outweigh the potential benefits. Firstly, unless the device is 100% sterile, you are at risk of causing a serious skin infection. Secondly, it can be hard to know at home how deep you should be using the device. If used too deep, it can create serious lesions within the skin and cause permanent scaring.

Microneedling at a professional skin clinic is very safe and you will be impressed with how soon you will see an improvement in your skin! Check out one of our amazing microneedling transformations here:


Facial Toning Device


Skin Concern: Skin Laxity, Lack of Definition

Price Range: £40 – £300

Facial toning devices use electrical microcurrents to tone and stimulate the muscles within the face. These devices are popular with people who feel as though their face lacks definition and have areas of loose skin. With regular use over time, you may start to see that your face looks slimmer and more defined. Just think of it like a gym workout for your face!

Despite this, there is only so much that home devices can do, as in-clinic systems will be stronger and more targeted to your concerns.

Professional Treatment Alternatives: Radiofrequency, Profhilo, Dermal Fillers

One of our most popular treatments for skin tightening, is our Superfacials with radiofrequency. This dual treatment rejuvenates and deeply cleanses the skin, with the addition of Tripollar radiofrequency technology to firm and tighten. Check out one of our most incredible transformations below:


Our newest anti-ageing treatment Profhilo can also work wonders in tightening and firming up the skin. Treatment with Profhilo consists of a series of injections which contain a high-dose of hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid integrates into the skin. It remodels the skin by encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and firmer skin.

Alternatively, if you feel as though your face lacks definition, dermal fillers can be very effective at improving this. By adding a small amount of dermal filler to areas such as the jawline, cheeks and chin, it can help to balance the face and add vital structure.


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