Picture this.

You take time out of your busy schedule to visit a salon, get consultation from expert therapists and go ahead with laser hair removal. Next thing you know, there is little to no hair on your body and the most you have to do is get periodic ‘touch-ups’ for maintenance.

Sound good? With laser hair removal, this is exactly what you get.

5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you have been apprehensive about getting laser hair removal treatment, don’t be. This hair removal method has proven to be a boon in the lives of many. It has become increasingly popular, and so, has had its fair share of myths and misconceptions.

We will attempt to put them to rest.

1. It won’t be effective if you have light hair

As is common with most cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal doesn’t give the same results to everyone.

The procedure targets melanin in hair follicles. What this used to mean was that people with dark hair and fair skin were likely to see slightly better results than those with blonde or even red hair. This is not the case today. Modern laser technology allows all skin shades to be treated effectively.

2. Laser hair removal exposes you to radiation

This is nothing more than a myth.

Lasers used for hair removal work on specific wavelengths to damage your targeted hair follicles. This does not mean that your skin is exposed to dangerous radiation. The procedure has been clinically proven to be safe for use.

3. It will get rid of hair permanently

Though laser hair removal gives the longest lasting hair removal services, it doesn’t give permanent results.

It stops the hair follicle’s ability to re-generate. In a nut shell, laser hair removal is the ideal means of reducing hair growth. This means that after you complete your sessions you will be left with very little, thin more manageable body hair.


4. Just one session is enough to give the results you want

Wrong again.

Laser hair removal is a marathon, not a sprint. Experts who’re worth their salt will always advise you to take this treatment in several sessions. At the minimum, there should be 6-10 sessions to give optimal results.

Note: Some people may need more sessions if they suffer from medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

5. It’s going to be out of your budget

The average cost of laser hair removal varies according to the target area. The typical price range is somewhere between £40.00 to £320.00.

While it’s true that the sessions can get pricey, the results are definitely worth your money. If you think about it, this is mostly a one-time investment that will save you money and time in the long-run.

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