As we approach out 60s, a lot of different changes take place within our skin. Often times, fine lines and wrinkles appear more pronounced, and the skin looses some of its elasticity and volume that it once had in abundance. Even though there are many creams and skincare products on the market which claim to “rewind the clock”, unfortunately many of them are just too good to be true… That’s why we are here to give you our top tips as to how you can achieve great skin in your 60s!


  1. Understand Your Skin Type


Our skin type isn’t something that stays the same throughout our lives… whilst you may be oily in your 20s, in a few decades time you may find that your skin has done a whole 360 and is now as dry as the Sahara. The same principle can also happen in reverse too! People who have had dry skin all of their lives may suddenly find that after hormonal changes such as the menopause and pregnancy, their skin is now very oily. For this reason, it is important to be mindful of your changing skin through the ages so that you can treat it accordingly.

Most commonly, people in their 60s have a drier skin type. As we get older, our skin starts to produce less oil and sebum- which is good because of no blemishes, but can also contribute to your skin feeling dry, tight and lacklustre, with fine lines and wrinkles looking more noticeable.

If you have a dry skin type, it is important to use nourishing and richer ingredients within your skincare to replenish the lost moisture and to give your skin the glow that it needs. We particularly love the Obagi Hydrate moisturiser. This award-winning formula contains a blend of mango, avocado and — butters to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin all day.

If you would like to find out more about our skincare product ranges, you can book a complimentary consultation with our expert skin therapists! They will be able to help create a dedicated treatment and/or product plan to help you achieve the best skin of your life.


  1. Consider Professional Skincare Treatments


You shouldn’t stop pampering yourself as you get older… just like how you wouldn’t stop servicing your car! Self-care and pampering appointments are important to help you keep looking and feeling your best.

Setting some time aside to have regular in-clinic skin treatments can make all the difference to your skin health. Whilst we have many different skin treatments to choose from, our Superfacials and microneedling treatments are some of the most beneficial if you fall within this age criteria.

Our Superfacials use patented Geneo+ technology to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. Combining natural skin oxygenation, deep exfoliation and the infusion of essential nutrients, it really is a treat for your skin. Depending on your skin concerns, different nutrients can be infused into the skin. Afterwards, your skin will look more hydrated, glowy and fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished. Check out this incredible Superfacial transformation here.

Microneedling is one of our most popular treatments, due to its versatility and impressive results. A microneedling device is used on the skin to create lots of tiny microchannels within the skin.

This tricks the skin into thinking that it is “injured”, which in turn leads to new skin being produced. This new skin is richer in collagen and elastin, which are two vital skin components that decrease rapidly with age. You will notice that your skin feels plumper, smoother and has a more even tone and texture. To find out more about our microneedling treatment, watch this short video!


  1. Look After Your Hands


Our hands go through a lot of work each day and are constantly exposed to the elements. The hands are also one of the first places to show visible signs of ageing, due to their wear and tear in every day life. Naturally, the skin on our hands is comparatively thinner than the rest of our body, so it prone to becoming damaged and dry.

Ensure that you are protecting your hands with gloves when performing tasks such as washing up and gardening. In addition to this, make sure that you are using SPF every day, including on your body when the areas are exposed to the sun. The sun is the number one cause of premature and excessive ageing, so it is important to give yourself the best defence against it.

Age spots are a common concern of people in their 60s, and can often be found across the hands. Cryopen is an incredible treatment which works to diminish these age spots safely and painlessly, using Cryotherapy. Take a look at this transformation to see how Cryopen eliminated this age spot:


Alternatively, if you are concerned with loose skin and the texture of your hands, then Profhilo may be a great option for you. Profhilo works as an injectable moisturising treatment, consisting of multiple injections containing a high dose of hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid blends seamlessly into the skin’s tissues and encourages the production of collagen and elastin. You will notice soon after treatment that your skin is firmer, more hydrated and looks much more youthful.

Profhilo is one of our newest treatments at the clinics, however we have seen some great results so far. It can be used to treat ageing skin on the hands, face, neck and other areas of the body. This image shows how Profhilo helped to transform the hands:


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