While liposuction was once the most popular method of getting rid of the extra adipose tissue, it has now been replaced with ultrasound cavitation. This relatively newer procedure has a number of advantages, making it the perfect fat loss treatment.

before & after image of inner thighs after cavitation treatment

It’s Non-Invasive

Fat reduction procedures are usually invasive, requiring surgery or sutures. With ultrasound cavitation, however, this isn’t the case.

You won’t be needing anaesthesia or sedatives for the procedure, nor will you have your blood drawn. Instead, you can completely avoid needles and bandages while remaining conscious throughout the process. As the procedure uses high frequency sound waves that are aimed at specific regions, it doesn’t cause any bodily trauma whatsoever. The non-invasiveness nature of this procedure makes it a highly preferred fat loss method for individuals.

It Stimulates the Body’s Natural Mechanism

The low-level ultrasonic waves used in the cavitation process attempt to successfully break down your fat cells. These are left liquefied while the tissues surrounding the fat cells remain untouched and unharmed. What this does is it helps eliminate the liquefied cells from the body, through its natural removal process. Thus, while ultrasound waves are used to trigger fat loss, the actual process is actually due to the body’s own mechanism.

It’s Versatile

Another great advantage of ultrasound fat cavitation is that it can be performed at almost any region on your body where you’d like to have excess fat removed from. This typically includes the belly, buttocks, and thighs, but you may also opt for smaller areas such as upper/lower arms or the chin.

lady pinching its own love handles

It’s Risk-Free & Painless

There aren’t any risks involved in ultrasound fat cavitation. In fact, the procedure is frequently used in several therapeutic as well as diagnostic processes. This gives it an edge over other fat reduction methods that are often invasive and are accompanied by a set of possible side-effects and complications.

Moreover, the procedure is painless and causes minimal to zero discomfort. At most, you might experience a tingling sensation or slight warmth across your skin as the procedure begins. Once the session ends, so does this sensation.

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