Skin problems aren’t just painful and itchy; they can be embarrassing too! It’s only natural to feel uncomfortable with leaving your skin concerns exposed to the public eye.

Although most skin conditions are temporary and go away with the right treatment, it can still affect your self-esteem. So, we’re here to guide you on the most effective and quickest solutions to improve your skin imperfections. But before we get started it’s important to note that the first rule of thumb is to never self-medicate or use over-the-counter creams without a prescription or guidance from someone qualified.


Pesky bumps like warts and verrucas can be difficult to get rid of, and cause discomfort as you go about your daily life. Simply Clinics offer an easy treatment to both problems, but it is first good to establish the cause.

What causes warts and verrucas?

A wart can appear anywhere on the body. It’s essentially a small blister which has an uneven and rough texture. There are several types of warts, including plantar warts and pigmented warts, the sizes of which depend on the site where they grow.

Warts are caused by a special kind of virus which belongs to the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. According to the National Health Service, warts can take anywhere between a few months to a few years to go away.

On the other hand, verrucas are a special kind of wart which mainly show up on pressure areas of the feet. These warts can spread from one person to another through direct physical contact or through shared use of towels and other bath accessories.

CryoPen treatment is the best solution!


The CryoPen is a small device that follows the principles of cryotherapy, often known as ‘cold therapy.’ It emits a very fine ray of cold nitrous oxide directly at the wart or the verruca with great precision. The nitrous oxide removes the wart by freezing it. The treatment itself is not painful at all, however mild bruises and irritation are normal for the first two days. While the warts which were subject to CryoPen disappear forever, it’s possivle you may see them elsewhere if your skin is prone to them.

Other than warts and verrucas, CryoPen is also used to reduce the symptoms of milia, skin tags, and age spots, making it an incredible solution for many skin concerns.

Simply Clinics offers CryoPen treatment across various locations in London including Hammersmith, Uxbridge, and Southgate. We also offer microneedling and microdermabrasion services. You can book your appointment now by giving us a call at +442083523523, visiting us online or emailing