Ouch! You’ve cut yourself again with a razor. No pain, no gain? If this is how a typical Thursday night is for you, it’s time to rethink your hair removal method.

Shaving off unwanted body hair is not only ineffective but may also put you at potential risk of infection. Waxing your body is a whole different story. Waxing gives you longer periods of smooth skin.

There are a lot options in the world of hair removal waxes. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here are by far the most popular types:

  • Crème Wax: One of the more luxurious options, made with moisturising agents, a crème wax doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture along with the hair.

As long as there is not much oil or other lubricants on the skin, this wax will remove unwanted hair, leaving you with clean smooth skin.

It can be messy to apply by yourself so it’s best to visit a professional salon for a comfortable hassle-free experience.

  • Hot Wax: Hot wax is typically melted in a heating appliance before being used. It’s applied on the skin and removed with a strip. Hot wax is known for giving excellent results as it adheres better to the hair follicles on your skin.

You might experience a bit of pain during the session but will get completely hairless arms and legs after just one try.

  • Warm Wax: This kind of wax is warmed between the hands. It is already applied on the waxing strip. The process is quick and easy but a repeat might be needed.

The kind of wax you should choose at the salon depends on your skin and pain threshold. If you want safe and effective results after waxing, ask your skin therapist for guidance.

Which Body Parts Can Be Waxed?

Apart from very sensitive areas, each body part can be waxed. Whether it’s the arm pits or your bikini line, waxing is a one-stop solution to remaining hairless for a long time.

For optimal results, your salon professionals might use tweezers and a pair of scissors. This gives areas like your eyebrows better definition and a more refined look.

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