How do we get rid of pesky blackheads and whiteheads? Let’s dive in…

Blackheads and whiteheads are two types of blemishes which often go hand in hand for acne sufferers. You may also struggle with them even if the rest of your skin is pretty clear…. We all know those annoying blackheads around our nose! Whilst it can be tempting to try and pop them, sometimes this can do more harm than good.

In this Blog Post, we’re going to be explaining the difference between blackheads and whiteheads and revealing some of the best treatments and products to tackle them for good!

What are Blackheads?


Blackheads, as the name suggests, take form in the appearance of small black dots on the skin’s surface. Whilst some people may think this is because there is dirt within the skin, this is not actually the case. Blackheads occur when large pores in the skin’s surface become clogged up with sebum. The sebum within the pore turns black, due to the pigment becoming oxidized, as it is an “open” blemish, unlike whiteheads.

What are Whiteheads?


Whiteheads on the other hand are a form of closed comedones. They form when the pore gets clogged with sebum and bacteria, however unlike blackheads, they have a small opening at the top of the skin’s surface. This prevents air from entering the pore and means that the substance does not oxidise and stays white.

Both blackheads and whiteheads are commonly found on the face around the nose, chin and other areas, however they can also be present on the back and chest.

As blackheads and whiteheads are a different type of comedone to regular acne blemishes, they require a different approach and treatment. One thing is for certain- resist the urge to pop! Popping spots can lead to skin damage such as broken capillaries. It can also result in the bacteria spreading across the skin and lead to further breakouts.

Skincare For Blackheads & Whiteheads

AHA’s and BHA’s

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’S) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) are skin acids which are commonly used to fight acne related issues. More and more skincare brands are now seeing the benefit of these skin acids, and it is hard to walk into a beauty store without seeing them on the shelves. Read this Blog Post to find out how to correctly use these magic skin acids.

AHA’s are naturally occurring water-soluble substances which work on the surface of the skin to gentle exfoliate and help to slough away dead skin cells. One of the most commonly used AHA’s is Glycolic Acid, which works perfectly on a range of skin types, including dry skin and is effective at reducing acne related issues as well as pigmentation.

Contrastingly, BHA’s are oil-soluble and are able to penetrate deeper into the skin’s pores. This aids in the unclogging of the pores which is why they are usually the go-to for anti-blemish treatments. One of the most popular and effective BHA’s is Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it helps to reduce skin irritation whilst deeply cleansing and exfoliating the pores. One of our favourite skincare sets for treating acne prone skin and blackhead and whiteheads, is the Obagi Clenziderm system.

This system features 2% Salicylic Acid, as well as soothing menthol, to deeply cleanse and renew congested skin. Check out this incredible client transformation which shows how well this system works to tackle blemishes and congested skin!


Skin Treatments

As well having a strong home-skincare routine in place to banish these annoying blemishes, it’s  beneficial to have regular skin treatments in a skincare clinic, to keep the issues at bay and give your skin the treat it deserves. There are a few different treatments that we offer in our skin clinics which are effective at tackling the concern of blackheads and whiteheads– it’s just up to you which you prefer the sound of!


Microneedling is one of our most popular skin treatments and it’s clear to see why! It produces amazing results for a range of skin concerns thanks to the regenerative effect that it has on the skin. Microneedling is effective for the treatment of skin congestion such as blackheads and whiteheads.

This is because it is able to penetrate into the skin’s surface and rejuvenate the pores from the inside out. This then leads to increased skin cell turnover and newer, healthier, clearer skin being produced. Microneedling can also be performed on other hard to reach areas of the body, such as the chest and back. This before and after transformation shows how microneedling was able to help clear blackhead congestion on the nose.



Our Superfacial treatment is one of a kind and uses patented GeneO+ technology to renew your skin. The treatment uses light exfoliation, skin oxygenation and the infusion of revitalising nutrients to give your skin what it needs. The ingredients that are infused into the skin will be tailored to your concerns, and in the case of blackheads and whiteheads, it will help to leave skin visibly clearer and brighter after each session.


Microdermabrasion works by deeply exfoliating the skin beyond the surface and is very effective at unclogging the pores. The treatment device contains small diamonds and a vacuum which works to remove the top layer of skin cells and encourage new skin cells to grow. Microdermabrasion can also be combined with other treatments, such as chemical peels or microneedling to give your skin a new lease of life.

Chemical Peels

Lastly, chemical peels are incredible at clearing and de-congesting the skin. In our skin care clinics, we use the Obagi Blue Peel, which contains a blend of the AHA’s and BHA’s salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids. The peel works by removing and regenerating the surface layers of the skin and the depth of the peel will be regulated by the therapist and tailored for your skin type. You should notice an impressive result just after one treatment. Despite this, we recommend a course of sessions to achieve the best results. Look at this incredible chemical peel transformation below!



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