Laser hair removal is the best solution invented since sliced bread, at least for those unfortunate people who live with excessive body hair growth.

Not only is this treatment effective for almost all skin types but also provides a longer lasting (sometimes even permanent) result for people!

However like all cosmetic treatments, this is also requires touch-ups or re-treatments that ensure optimal results after initial treatment.

Here’s what you should know about touch-up treatments:

  • White and grey hair cannot be removed by laser hair removal. Only electrolysis can be used for removal
  • Hair re-growth after initial treatment is caused by damage to treated skin
  • Only shaving is recommended in between touch-up treatments. Consult with your technician before booking an appointment
  • Any recent change in general health conditions should also be communicated promptly
  • Touch-up treatments doesn’t utilise less laser energy exposure.
  • Sun tanning at least before or after (4 weeks) is prohibited

Some other important considerations are:

Change in Hormone Levels Will Cause Hair Re-growth

Hormonal changes in women are inevitable due to pregnancy and menstruation. This will cause hair in treated areas to re-grow. Taking certain medication will also have the same effect such as birth control pills and medication for inducing skin photo-sensitivity.

Pregnancy is another factor behind hair re-growth in laser treated areas.

A Single Laser Hair Removal Session Won’t Provide the Best Results

Many clients visit laser hair removal treatment clinics and expect exceptional hair removal results with just one session. This isn’t possible as amount of hair getting removed depends on hair growth cycle.

Excess hair re-growth means multiple sessions.

Hair Removal Body Touch-up Should Be Divided into Two Sessions

The ideal way to go about a whole body touch-up is to divide the treatment into two different sessions. Treating multiple areas in one sitting will expose your body to a large amount of laser energy which isn’t recommended.

Over exposure may create more problems for your skin.

Treatment Isn’t Ideal If Taking Certain Drugs

Are you taking light sensitive drugs? Laser hair removal treatment will make the case worse, causing adverse reactions as a result. Undergoing laser hair removal treatment while taking these drugs may cause:

Unlike other hair removal methods, laser treatments provide the best chance of long lasting and even permanent hair removal! Consult with your therapist regarding your special case today at Simply Clinics.