Simply Clinic’s Black Friday

Aside from the usual holiday periods such as Christmas, New Years Eve and Easter, one other time of the year that we love is Black Friday! It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a bargain and […]
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The Simply Clinics Christmas Gift Guide 2020

As Christmas is approaching us thick and fast it may feel a bit overwhelming thinking about what to get your loved ones. Especially as non-essential retail stores in the UK will be closed until December […]
lockdown skincare tips

Lockdown Skincare Survival Tips

With the current lockdown restrictions and many of us non-essentials workers stuck at home, our skin can often become a bit neglected. It’s too easy to roll out of bed and ignore the morning skincare […]
text on white & pink background: Lockdown 2.0 Skincare products you need

Preparing for Lockdown 2.0

The 4 must-have products you need right now! Due to the recent announcement, lockdown 2.0 will be starting from this Thursday 5th, which means unfortunately the clinics will have to close temporarily. We know that […]
beautiful lips with text next to it: Let's Talk Lip Fillers: Facts vs Fiction

Lip Fillers: Fact vs Fiction

Lip filler is one of the most talked about cosmetic procedures there is today. The treatment saw a huge rise in demand around 2015 when Kylie Jenner revealed she had the procedure done herself which […]
girl having microdermabrasion doee on her chin

Microdermabrasion vs Microneedling: Which to Choose?

As we all know too well, the recent long lockdown hasn’t had the best impact on our skin. This has maybe made you curious to see what treatments are out there to help you with […]
chemical peels

What is a Chemical Peel & what does it do? Types, costs & risks…

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – chemical peels are so much less scary than the name. It’s one of the most effective facial treatments you can have, as it combats multiple […]
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Selfcare Sunday: Simply’s Guide to Netflix, Skincare & Chill…

We keep harping on about the autumn months dawning upon us and this weather at the moment is making it loud and clear. We get it. Rain, wind, more rain. Gone are the days of […]
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The Benefits of 3D Lipo…

At Simply, when we come across a solution to get our summer bodies back (even though we thought summer was cancelled), we get very excited. A pain-free alternative to Liposuction Surgery, and a non-invasive solution […]

Getting Rid of Cellulite — Is It Possible?

Here at Simply Clinics we’re loving the rise of body positivity, being confident in your own skin and celebrating your body, no matter its imperfections. However, there are some common skin concerns that have had […]

Here’s how 3D Lipo can give you the body confidence you want

At some point in our lives, for whatever reason, most of us have felt that we want to lose a few pounds; the process can be exhausting, though. For some people, it feels like no […]

Are acne scars damaging your confidence? 3 treatments that help

Acne is a hugely common skin concern that can affect people from the ages of 13, all the way to adult acne in some cases. It is common for almost everyone to experience acne at […]

40 and Fabulous! ‘3’ anti-ageing skin treatments that don’t cost a fortune.

With anti-aging skincare, cosmetics surgery and procedures— invasive and non-invasive— fast gaining popularity and becoming more easily accessible, the global anti-aging market is expected to reach $216.52 Billion in worth by 2021,(change to GBP pricing […]

Ultrasound Cavitation: Fat Loss Made Easy

While liposuction was once the most popular method of getting rid of the extra adipose tissue, it has now been replaced with ultrasound cavitation. This relatively newer procedure has a number of advantages, making it […]

Body Shaping And Fat Reduction—3D Lipo

Liposuction is a process of fat removal where fat cells are removed via a cannula and negative pressure. 3D Lipo is a relatively new procedure that requires a different mechanism. Unlike the invasive nature of […]

Fat Freezing – Is It An Alternative To Exercise?

Your belly is the easiest place to put on weight and if you can’t get yourself to exercise regularly and watch your diet, the belly can be the toughest spot to lose unwanted pounds. For […]